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Every day, people are injured in preventable accidents across Kane County. When this happens, victims are often left with enormous medical bills and costs and consequences they never expected. While the person who caused the accident (the defendant) is responsible for many of these expenses, the person injured (the plaintiff) must file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to pursue what they are entitled to by law. Insurance companies are notorious for terrible customer service, low-balling claims, and sometimes flat-out refusing to help the injured. To get the compensation you deserve, you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer. At O’Brien Law, LLC, our legal team has handled insurance disputes and personal injury cases on both courtroom sides. We are experienced with local laws, and our unique knowledge allows us to strategize and fight on your behalf.

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At O’Brien Law, LLC, we will always work hard on your behalf. Our firm is small, but our legal team has the resources and experience we need to represent you. When you choose us, you can expect caring, helpful, and empathetic service. You can also benefit from the competitive edge our legal professionals have from their experience as insurance lawyers and administrators. With insight into both sides of the courtroom, we can maximize your chances of winning your case.

Cases Our Team Handles

With decades of experience, our legal team handles everything from construction injuries and car accidents to medical errors and nursing home negligence.

We understand what you’re going through, and our office is committed to walking alongside you during this difficult time.

Our straightforward, down-to-earth support can guide you through the following cases:

What Should I Do After an Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident, you should take several steps to document the incident and ensure you receive the necessary medical treatment. If possible, try to take the following steps:

  1. Prioritize the health and safety of you and those around you. Call emergency medical services (911) and ensure you receive medical attention immediately.
  2. When the police arrive at the accident scene, cooperate and obtain a copy of the accident report.
  3. Do what you can to document the scene of the accident. This includes gathering witness contact information and taking pictures of the accident/its aftermath.
  4. Once you receive medical treatment for your injuries, keep a copy of all documentation and bills. We can use this information to prove the extent of your injuries later.
  5. Once you’re in stable condition, consult a competent Geneva personal injury lawyer from O’Brien Law. If we determine the accident wasn’t your fault, you should be entitled to compensation for the damages you’ve incurred due to your accident.

What Makes a Valid Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence (see above), you likely have a strong personal injury case. That said, even if you are partially at fault for a car crash or another accident, you may still be entitled to compensation. The best way to determine whether or not you have a case is to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can assess the circumstances of your case and, from there, determine the best way to proceed.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

The answer to this question will depend on your injuries and losses, as well as the circumstances of your accident. Further, it will ultimately depend on whether or not your case goes to trial. Most personal injury claims are settled outside of court, but your award could change significantly in the presence of a judge or jury.

We cannot guarantee any recovery, but we can estimate what damages you may be entitled to during a free consultation.

What Are Damages?

Damages refer to both your injuries and losses and the funds you are awarded to address them. In the event of a successful settlement or verdict, you will likely be awarded damages. This compensation can be pecuniary, non-economic, or punitive. Pecuniary damages will reimburse you for measurable losses, like medical bills and missed work; non-economic damages aim to alleviate your pain and suffering and other mental and emotional losses, and punitive damages are designed to punish the wrongdoer, make an example of them, and provide you with additional comfort.

Not every case will call for every type of damages, and some types of lawsuits have a cap, or limit, for noneconomic damages. Our firm can help determine which damages you should file for in your specific case.

Statute of Limitations: How Long Do I Have to File?

In Illinois, you typically have 2 years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. Cases of medical malpractice give you up to 4 years to file, as your injury may arise long after the instance of malpractice.

These rules are laid out in Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) 735. Because the statutes of limitations are part of state law, if you do not file within 2 years, you can lose your right to pursue legal action entirely.

This time passes faster than many plaintiffs expect. Further, the sooner you file the stronger your case will be, and the easier it will be for us to gather evidence. If you were in a car accident, for instance, a witness who is available to testify immediately after the collision may not be able to make a statement after more time has passed.

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