Ann Bender

Ann has worked for more than 27 years in insurance law, and has respected Dan for 24 of those year.

The team at O’Brien Law is committed to providing all clients with exceptional service and advocacy based on every unique case. For our clients, this service begins long before they sit down with Daniel O’Brien to discuss the particulars of their situation. Clients instead often call or visit in crisis or confusion, overwhelmed with health concerns and paperwork. The person that meets our clients with a friendly smile and calm demeanor is Ann Bender, our Office Manager.

Ann has worked for more than 27 years in insurance law, and has respected Dan for 24 of those years. “When Dan called me a few years ago to see if I would be interested in working with him again,” recalls Ann, “I knew I had to explore the idea more.” Ann was nervous about joining the O’Brien Law team initially, as the majority of her experience had been on the other side of the courtroom. However, Dan explained that this knowledge of how the other side worked would only benefit the clients who truly needed it. “Dan’s a great teacher and mentor,” says Ann, “so I knew I was ready to join the office.”

Ann and Dan work together to assure that clients are heard, validated, and advocated for. “I like to say that we are a small office with a big heart,” says Ann, “and I love being able to make clients feel comfortable from the moment they contact our office.” Ann is able to respond to clients in crisis, ones that are overwhelmed, and ones who aren’t sure where to start. She listens carefully to their situation, putting them at ease before they arrive for their consultation.

Ann brings more to the office than just her relationship building values. She is also an integral part of the team, assisting with discovery, brainstorming with Dan during case reviews, and being a second set of very capable eyes on every client case. “These clients become family by the time the case is resolved,” says Ann, “I am thankful to be a part of that relationship.”

When Ann isn’t running the office, helping Dan, or making a client feel more relaxed, she loves spending time traveling and cooking with her husband of 33 years. They have two grown children, and enjoy visiting them as well as hiking or spending time outside.

We are thankful to have Ann on our team, and our clients are even luckier to have her as a part of their cases. Stop by or call to talk to Ann more about your current situation!

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