Medical Malpractice

You rely on your physician to give you the best care possible. Whether a brief office exam or a substantial surgical procedure, you must trust that your doctor has your best interests in mind. It can be a vulnerable place to be as a patient, especially when doctors can make mistakes that can cause us serious harm.

Medical malpractice is a term that encompasses professional negligence by a health care provider. This negligence can look differently from case to case. It can include harm caused by a missed diagnosis, a procedure mistake, or another negligent act.

If you have been harmed by a medical professional, you can find skilled representation at the O’Brien Law office. We know that cases of medical malpractice can be tricky to litigate.  Your medical injuries can take a toll on your physical health, occupation, bank account, and family life. You can also feel anxiety when you need to head to doctor offices in the future.  Don’t let your injury go without first seeing if you have a valid medical malpractice claim.

A recent Johns Hopkins study suggested that medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths in the United States.  Historically, medical errors have been unintentionally excluded from national health statistics.  These researchers say that most medical errors represent systemic problems, including poorly coordinated care, fragmented insurance networks, the absence or underuse of safety nets, and other protocols, in addition to unwarranted variation in physician practice patterns that lack accountability.

Many of the people who suffer harm while undergoing medical care do not file formal complaints with regulators. The reasons are numerous: They’re often traumatized, disabled, unaware they’ve been a victim of a medical error or don’t understand the bureaucracy.  A review of medical records by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department’s inspector general found that in a single month, one in seven Medicare patients was negligently harmed in the hospital, or roughly 134,000 people.

Medical malpractice cases are often very complex and can drag on for months or even years without aggressive representation.  Fortunately, the team at O’Brien Law knows what it takes to get you the best possible outcome in a shorter amount of time.  Don’t hesitate to have your questions about possible medical malpractice answered by us at O’Brien Law. 

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