Nursing Home Negligence

Moving your loved one into a nursing home environment may happen quickly, in a crisis situation, or slowly, after all options are carefully weighed. In either case, you have to trust the staff at the nursing home to care for someone near and dear to your heart.

But what happens when staff doesn’t give the care that you were expecting?

Unfortunately, nursing home negligence does happen. In fact, it happens in even the more expensive nursing homes, even with the most well-intentioned staff. The truth is that nursing homes are often very understaffed and too busy to give quality and individualized care to every person, every time.

Nursing home negligence can manifest differently, but you may notice pressure ulcers on your loved one’s body or more phone calls about yet another fall. Negligence may not always look stark and dangerous, like by burns from a too hot bath. Instead, negligence can be an unresolved medical issue, repeated falls and injuries, or even someone with memory issues leaving the facility unattended.

If you are concerned or worried that your loved one may be experiencing the result of nursing home negligence, contact Daniel O’Brien and his team. Nursing home negligence cases can be tricky and full of federal and state regulations that can become confusing to someone unfamiliar with nursing home law. Fortunately, the team at O’Brien Law has experience working on nursing home negligence cases in the DuPage and Kane County areas.  We have the experience to get your loved one the care they deserve and the best possible outcome for everyone.

Most nursing home negligence cases are an opportunity for policy change at a local or state level. Not only will your loved one be provided with better care after your case, but other seniors in your community can benefit from policy changes for safety that the nursing home makes to assure that the negligent behavior doesn’t happen again.

We are honored to walk beside your family during this time, and we take our role seriously. We work hard to assure that your loved one gets the outcome they deserve and that seniors living at that nursing home benefit from the changes as well.

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