Retaliatory Discharge

Losing your job is a shock that ripples through your entire life. Even worse, losing a job for reasons that are unrelated to work performance can be devastating to your self-esteem, bank account, and confidence. If you believe that you were terminated from your job because of reasons that are not related to job performance, you may be able to bring a case to your previous employer for Retaliatory Discharge.

In order to prove Retaliatory Discharge, you typically have to prove some type of discriminatory conduct.  These typically involve claims of race, gender, age or a disability discrimination.  Another type of retaliatory discharge involves retaliation for an employee exercising his or her right to pursue workers’ compensation if injured on the job.

These are all very difficult cases to prove liability because most employees are “at will” employees.  That means that employers can terminate these employees at their will, with no reason and no explanation.  The only potential claims for “at will” employees are those involving some type of discriminatory conduct.  Another publicized area of retaliatory discharge involves whistleblowers.  This has been well-publicized of late but is often limited to employees of major corporations or entities to lead to significant damages.  Sexual harassment is another aspect of discrimination or retaliation that can lead to discharge for the harassed employee.  This would fall under the gender discrimination category.

If you believe that you were a victim of Retaliatory Discharge or Retaliation without discharge, you could be feeling a mix of emotions. You might be angry, worried, depressed, or even fearful. No matter how you feel initially, it is important to give us a call to talk more about your situation.

The team at O’Brien Law, led by Attorney Daniel O’Brien, will talk through the details of your employment, leading up to your termination or any other retaliatory conduct. We will begin to advocate for you, protecting your reputation the entire way. We pride ourselves on being respectful of your feelings and as discreet as possible about your situation, all while making sure you receive the best possible outcome from your previous employer.

Retaliatory Discharge can be difficult to prove, especially with an Attorney who is not experienced with the nuances of Human Resource law. Fortunately, Daniel O’Brien is ready to meet your situation head-on and work for you in the courtroom.

Don’t delay in calling us regarding your Retaliatory Discharge case; the sooner we can get started, while details are fresh in your mind, the sooner we can get you the justice you deserve.

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