Work Related Injury

You have worked hard to build your career and establish a relationship with your workplace. Being a successful wage earner is part of the American dream.  You rely on your paycheck and enjoy your time earning a living.

Workers Compensation

Work Related Injuries

You cannot afford to suffer a work related injury that prevents you from supporting your family.  You need to protect your rights when you are injured at work and you are sidelined.  We will help you with that.

Work related injuries can vary from minor to major, and you may not know where your injury falls on that scale until months later when your small trip or fall becomes a chronic injury or condition. Now you are not only able to work, but you are also not getting a full paycheck. Medical bills and otherwise are adding up; it won’t take long for you to feel the stress and strain of a work related injury.

Fortunately, the team at O’Brien Law has decades of experience working with clients who have been hurt at work. We are experienced in working with our clients to get the best possible outcome that they deserve.  We know what moves the insurance companies may try to make to extend the legal process.  We will hold them accountable.  Sometimes this involves workers compensation claims against the employer and sometimes work related injuries can be caused by the negligence of others and may also involve a civil lawsuit. 

The bottom line is that we know that your paycheck is critical to you and your family. Prolonging the legal process isn’t typically necessary, and we work to keep the insurance companies from dragging the process out to discourage the plaintiff. We will not be discouraged and we will not accept anything but the best possible outcome. You deserve it, and so does your family.

Whether you fell at work or had an accident while on a client visit, our team wants to work with you and your family to help you gain closure. Give us a call to set up a free consultation; during this time, we will hear your story and develop a plan of action that will get you the best outcome possible. Let’s work together, and let us take care of the litigation stress so that you can focus on healing.

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