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Daniel O’Brien and his team have been serving the Tri Cities area specifically since 2004, but Daniel has trial lawyer experience dating back more than 2 decades. If you are searching for a personal injury attorney and team that will focus on decreasing your emotional and financial stress and giving you the support you deserve, the O’Brien Law firm is your answer.

The team at O’Brien Law gives clients a unique – and dedicated – experience. Daniel O’Brien has not only worked with plaintiffs in personal injury cases, he worked for more than 10 years on the insurance defendant’s side. This unique knowledge of both sides of the aisle gives Daniel a confidence in the courtroom and in the boardroom that produces results.

O’Brien Law is recognized and respected by our clients and by our peers. Every year since 2012, Daniel O’Brien has been selected by his peers as an Illinois Super Lawyer. He has been recognized as one of the top 5% of lawyers in the state who specialize in personal injury, auto/truck/motorcycle crashes, and premises liability. Each year, it is an honor to be recognized by the Super Lawyers voting members; we intend on continuing to work our hardest to serve our clients and gain the respect of our peers for years to come.

Our firm specializes in personal injury cases, including those resulting from auto crashes or premise liability. However, our experience goes well beyond slips, falls, and accidents. We are able to meet clients with a variety of needs, and our practice areas are as diverse as our clientele.

Our team is focused not only on serving our clients, but also on affecting changes to company policies and systems that will keep the community safer for years to come. We see our opportunity in the litigation process as one that can have positive outcomes immediately for our clients, and long term for the greater Kane and DuPage areas.
During your time working with us, you will receive personalized care and consistent contact to keep you in the loop about your case. We encourage our clients to take a deep breath and allow us to use our experience to alleviate the stress caused by litigation.

If you are searching for personal injury legal assistance in the Batavia, St. Charles, or Geneva area, look no further than O’Brien Law. We offer the experience, the commitment to long term safety changes, and the connection to our community.

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