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Wrongful Death

44-year-old husband and father drowned at a Memorial Day party when a paddle boat that was missing plugs filled with water and capsized.

Construction Accident

50-year-old construction laborer suffered cervical injuries, mild traumatic brain injury and tinnitus when he fell from a faulty ladder that collapsed while he was carrying part of a 120-pound beam that struck him on the back of his head and neck.

Construction Accident

35-year-old carpenter suffered an L3 burst fracture requiring two lumbar fusion surgeries when he fell from an unsecured ladder on unsafe ground conditions while installing gutters on a single-family home.

Medical Malpractice

27-year-old woman undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy suffered chronic pain and emotional distress when her common bile duct and hepatic artery were negligently cut and injured by unknown resident that surgeon allowed to perform the surgery unbeknownst to plaintiff, requiring additional open surgery to repair.

Car Accident

48-year-old woman suffered both cervical and lumbar spinal injuries in rear-end collision, resulting in medical recommendations for future lumbar and cervical spine fusion surgeries.

Construction Accident

22-year-old laborer working at Trump Tower in Chicago suffered permanent functional blindness in one eye after working in high-wind conditions with inadequate safety protection.

Car Accident

57-year-old man suffered herniated cervical discs requiring cervical fusion surgery in t-bone intersection collision where defendant failed to yield the right-of-way at stop sign intersection.

Dog Bite

24-year-old Miss Illinois and Miss America contestant suffered facial scarring and had to undergo plastic surgery after being bitten by a dog at the home of an acquaintance.

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