Spring Bicycle Safety Tips

After a winter full of polar vortex talk, snow days, and slippery road conditions, it is no wonder people throughout the suburbs have a serious case of spring fever. While we know Chicagoland can still “enjoy” snow well through April, you may be itching to get a start...

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New Illinois Vehicle Laws for 2019

We are already one month into the new year, but are you up to date on new traffic and vehicle laws that started January 1, 2019? Laws are constantly changing, and traffic laws are especially important in the quest to keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible....

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Winter Sports Safety

In our area, staying active gets a bit tougher - and requires some extra planning - during the winter months. However, winter does bring the opportunity to get exercise in new and fun ways, both indoors and out, thanks to winter sports and activities. If you are a...

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Holiday Travel Tips

After the early season blizzard last month when everyone was traveling back home after Thanksgiving, we thought it would be wise to review some holiday travel tips. Poor road conditions and increased traffic can increase accidents during the month of December. Here...

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