Are You a Distracted Driver?

Have you ever been driving behind another vehicle that was moving erratically? You may have felt unsafe as the car swerved and then over corrected, and you may have even slowed down to increase the distance between your cars. Twenty years ago, you may have thought...

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The Importance of Ergonomics

You spend at least 40 hours per week at work. Depending upon your occupation, you likely spend a majority of your work day doing some type of repetitive motion. These repetitive motions could include typing at a desktop or operating machinery. In any case, too much of...

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Staying Safe Indoors This Winter

Cold temperatures and icy conditions keep most of us inside for the majority of the winter season. Staying away from slippery and freezing hazards is a wise move, but there is an increased risk of accidents indoors during the winter months. To keep you safe and sound...

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Pedestrian Safety Tips

The Chicagoland area offers a nice mix of opportunities to walk, or to drive, to locations of interest. Here in the suburbs, pedestrian traffic is a bit less prevalent than in the city of Chicago, but it is still quite common to see walkers or joggers on sidewalks...

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Winter and Holiday Safety Tips

Last month brought Chicagoland a few cold snaps that reminded us all that winter is well on its way! As you transition from your summer and fall habits into your winter routines, now is a great time to review some winter safety topics that you may have forgotten since...

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Safe Holiday Shopping to Prevent Injury

December is a month for extra shopping and wrapping up gifts for kids you love to put under the tree. However, did you know that toys can sometimes be quite dangerous for kids under the age of 14? It’s true – Prevent Blindness America reports that thousands of...

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