When you come to O’Brien Law, you will know that we believe in you! You need to have that trust for the journey you have been forced to take. At O’Brien Law, your success in this process is our only goal! We have a unique system of justice in the U.S. and Illinois that can compensate you fairly for what was taken from you due to another’s negligence. We believe in helping you to overcome the difficulties you may face after a devastating crash or other traumatic injury. We believe that you should obtain the maximum recovery for your losses when you hire injury attorneys to guide you. We believe that you are entitled to nothing but the best attention for you and your case. Every case is personal and unique. We believe that safety for you matters in our community. You may not realize this, but when you pursue a case to recover for your harms and losses, you are actually improving the safety in our community by enforcing the safety rules for everyone. When you have been injured, something has been taken from you. Sometimes permanently. Some injuries are lifetime injuries. Sadly, some involve the death of a loved one. We believe that you are always entitled to answers to your questions. We believe that you are entitled to justice. We believe that you are entitled to guidance through the process of recovery. It can be difficult, but know that we will always have your back. Although there have been less motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. since covid began in 2020, there have been higher fatalities and catastrophic injuries in crashes. We believe in doing everything to minimize the stress on you in pursuing your rights to a fair recovery.