Getting into a car accident can be a traumatic experience. Many people are paralyzed with fear and shock. However, there are certain steps you can take after an accident that will benefit you and anyone involved. Contact a Kane County car accident lawyer for assistance today.

What Should I Do Immediately at the Scene?

While you are at the scene of the accident take the following steps.

  • Call 911. It is important to notify the police of the accident so they can send a dispatcher and medical team to help. Inform the operator of your location and the number of people who are injured. This will ensure that they send an appropriate amount of help. It is also important that a police report be created to document the accident and evidence.
  • Gather evidence. While a police report will be filed and investigators may gather evidence it can be beneficial to provide your own. Take photos and videos to document damage to the vehicles involved, any injuries that you or another party sustained, skid marks, the road, and any hazards that may have contributed to the accident. Speak with witnesses and document conversations being had.
  • Seek medical attention. EMTs and other trained medical professionals will likely appear on the scene. You should accept a medical examination when one is offered. If not, go to a doctor or hospital as soon as you can for treatment. You may feel fine but your adrenaline and shock could be masking your injuries. Sometimes it is hard to tell the true extent of bodily harm so get examined as soon as possible.

What Should I Do in the Following Days After My Accident?

The actions that you take in the days following your car accident are crucial. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed refer to the following.

  1. Contact a car accident attorney for help. Hiring a lawyer will prove advantageous in any claim or lawsuit you file. The legal process of filing a claim can be complex and confusing. Your attorney will guide you through the steps and ensure that your rights are protected and you are following all proper procedures. They can help prove the fault of another driver and get you the compensation you deserve.
  2. Focus on recovering. Continue to receive treatment and find out the extent of your injuries. Your health should be your top priority. Completing treatments and evaluations will also be helpful in creating a paper trail of evidence of your injuries. If you are eligible for compensation you will need to prove your injuries and the impact they have had on you both financially and otherwise.
  3. Take your vehicle to a mechanic. In addition to your injuries, you may be able to be compensated for property damage that occurred due to the accident. Have your car examined and get an estimate from a professional about the damage and how much it will cost to repair it.
  4. Ask your lawyer about any questions you may have. You should let them communicate with various insurance companies and parties involved. You want to avoid admitting fault and ensure that you are being offered a fair settlement. Present them with the information you have and let them take the reigns.