The month of February means most of us in the western Chicago suburbs are downright tired of cold weather, dreary days, and unpredictable snowstorms. If the beach is calling, spring break is the ideal time to pack up the family and head south to enjoy some much-needed sunshine. The kids are already out of school for a week and driving less than 15 hours can get you to warmer temperatures.

Before you book your hotel and pack your bags, be sure your insurance is in good standing as well. Here’s what you need to know while you are planning your road trip.

Double Check Your Coverage

When you are heading out for a long road trip, it’s crucial to double-check your vehicle insurance coverage. Make sure you know which drivers are covered and if you have inadvertently missed a payment or request for information that could leave you underinsured.

Consider Accident Coverage

Some insurance agencies offer special road trip accident coverage as an extension of your normal coverage. Sometimes this can be a wise investment, but be sure to talk to your insurance agent ahead of your trip to weigh the pros and cons specific to your situation.

Add Additional Coverage for RVs

If your road trip entails renting a pop-up camper or RV, be sure you are covered with insurance. Call your agent to set up a short-term rider that will cover you for the duration of your time with the trailer.

Know Who to Call

Even if you are well-insured, your road trip may turn into a nightmare if you are involved in a vehicle accident. A car crash can be especially stressful when you are away from your hometown, support system, and physician. However, it is important that you know who to call in case an accident happens.

After law enforcement has been contacted, make a call to O’Brien Law a priority if the accident was not your fault. Working with another insurance company to get fair compensation for your injuries can be overwhelming, and the team at O’Brien Law will assure you are not in the conversation alone.

Here’s to safe travels this spring break and throughout the year!