Because of the size and weight of an 18-wheeler, truck accidents have been known to cause extensive property damage as well as serious injury and even death. Driving any type of car or vehicle can pose danger, but when operating a truck of such size, truck drivers can unintentionally cause irreparable damage to themselves and others around them. There are many common causes of truck accidents. If you were involved in a trucking accident a Kane County truck accident lawyer can offer sound legal advice and representation.

Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault?

While the driver of the truck may be at fault if an accident occurs, there is a plethora of factors that can contribute to a truck accident.

The truck driver can be responsible if they were being negligent. Speeding, reckless driving, or distracted driving such as eating or drinking or adjusting the radio are all common causes of truck accidents. In these cases, the truck driver is at fault. They are aware of the dangers that such a vehicle can present, so to act with such negligence is very risky.

The trucking company can have a part in an accident as well. Driver fatigue is a serious issue in the trucking industry. Long-haul truckers are required to cover significant distances every day to keep on track with their delivery schedules. This entails keeping odd hours and sleeping for only short periods of time. Many truck drivers have been known to experience fatigue and tiredness when driving which is dangerous. Failing to provide the driver with adequate training can also result in driver error and a serious accident.

Poorly maintained roads can result in an accident as well. Cracked pavement, large potholes, or debris in the road can cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. Additionally, bad weather can contribute to an accident as well. Rain, snow, or fog can cause impaired visibility or slippery roads.

Drivers of surrounding vehicles can be at fault as well. Reckless driving on their part can impact the way a truck driver behaves and can result in an accident. Speeding, erratic driving, sudden lane changes, illegal passing, and driving in the truck driver’s blind spots can all cause an accident.

How Can I Avoid Causing a Truck Accident?

It is important to remember that truck drivers do not have the luxury of being able to slam on their brakes or speed up quickly to avoid a collision. They can’t change lanes suddenly or swerve out of the way without losing control of the truck. Because of this, it is largely up to the passenger vehicle drivers on the road to drive safely and help avoid trucking accidents. Some ways you can do that is by:

  • Driving at the posted speed limit
  • Not partaking in distracted driving
  • Using your blinkers
  • Trying to avoid sudden braking
  • Keeping an appropriate distance between your vehicle and the truck
  • Not driving in the truck’s blind spots for extended periods