Truck drivers have an important responsibility. Their work is essential to make deliveries, stock stores, and keep business running smoothly. However, due to their massive size and weight, any accidents that occur on the road can result in serious damage and injury. A lack of or poor truck maintenance can increase a driver’s chances of getting into an accident. Speak with a Kane County truck accident lawyer for help during your case.

What Problems Can Result from Poor Truck Maintenance?

Trucks are machines that need to be maintained for them to properly function. When maintenance is neglected it can lead to any of the following issues which can result in an accident.

  1. Brake failure: Brakes failing is unfortunately common in tractor trailers. Trucks and tractor trailers have three separate braking systems. If any of these systems are neglected they could deteriorate and lead to worn brake pads, insufficient brake fluid, or malfunctioning brake lines. This can cause a driver to be unable to stop or slow down and cause an accident.
  2. Tire blowouts: Trucks are massive and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded. Tires wear down due to the weight and the expansive distance that the truck covers in a short period of time. Poor maintenance can lead to a blowout, resulting in the driver losing control and being unable to maintain stability and traction.
  3. Steering problems: Damage and wear and tear to the steering column can cause system failures. When the driver is unable to control the steering of the truck they can’t stay in their lane or on course and could end up colliding with another vehicle or object.
  4. Trailer issues: If the hitch fails or the pivot joint breaks it could cause the trailer to detach suddenly from the truck, causing a collision. This could be due to rust or weak hitches that haven’t been looked after.
  5. Blinker or taillight malfunction: Lights and signals are essential for a truck driver to have a safe trip, particularly at night or during rain or snow. When a truck is not properly maintained it can lead to headlights or taillights burning out, or faulty turn signals or brake lights. This can be an issue for the driver’s visibility and communication with other vehicles on the road. A driver may not realize the truck driver intends to change lanes or make a turn and cause an accident.
  6. Engine failure: When a truck’s engine is neglected the vehicle tends to have more breakdowns. Sudden stops and loss of power can be dangerous, especially when driving on busy roads or hills.
  7. Transmission failure: Lack of maintenance can also cause the transmission to malfunction. Transmission failure can cause problems for a driver trying to change gears or can cause sudden and unwanted shifts, leading to an accident.
  8. Windshield wiper problems: It may seem unimportant, but windshield wipers are an important part of a truck driver’s safe travel. They may be driving in unforgiving weather like rain, fog, or snow. When windshield wipers are worn or deteriorated and do not properly function, it can severely limit the driver’s visibility.