The weather is slowly becoming warmer and aside from our mid-April, historic snowstorm, we have been seeing more signs of springtime here in Chicagoland. More mild temperatures bring us all out of hibernation and enjoying the outdoors. It’s a great month to brush up on your motorcycle safety practices because you are more likely to share the road with a motorcycle while on your daily travels.

Dress for Protection

If you are a motorcyclist, safety begins long before you pull out of the garage. Assure you are protected, starting with a helmet. Sizing is extremely important to assure your head and brain are protected from injury, so be sure to be professionally fitted at your favorite motorcycle shop. You are at an increased risk for Traumatic Brain Injury due to an accident than your car-driving counterparts, but helmets can offer significant protection to keep you safe.

Check That Blindspot

Car and truck drivers, you are also a key component for keeping motorcyclists safe on the road. Be sure you are looking for motorcycles, especially during these spring months when you have not had to share the road with too many motorcyclists in the winter season. Check your blind spot multiple times prior to changing lanes or merging, and keep your distance to assure you have the time you need to slow down or stop.

Be Accident Aware

Motorcyclists and car/truck drivers should always be aware of accidents on the road. If you see an accident or cleanup, slow down and change lanes to allow for more room if possible. Take a deep breath and be patient as traffic slows, as this decreased speed keeps everyone safer.

If you are involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and to seek medical treatment right away. Exchange insurance information, involve law enforcement and keep records of any follow-up appointments or accident details you remember. Finally, call the O’Brien Law office. We can help you navigate the insurance system and advocate for you to receive compensation for your injuries or lifestyle changes.

Stay safe out there!