School may have started a few weeks ago, but most families are still settling into their new routines. Shorter days and more extracurricular activities make fall an especially busy time, which can lead to more dangerous situations. As you ease your family into your autumn rhythms, remember to stay as safe as possible with our tips.

Don’t Rush
You are busy trying to shuttle everyone to school and work, as well as to soccer practice and football games. There is so much to do, and not very much time to do it. Unfortunately, this rushed schedule can lead to poor safety decisions including speeding in your car. Avoid an accident or a speeding ticket by assuring you are giving yourself plenty of time to get from place to place, asking for help from fellow parents when needed.

Put the Phone Down
Distracted driving can quickly lead to an accident. While it can be tempting to read an email while at a stoplight on your way to pick up your child from school, don’t risk it. Instead, keep your phone in your purse, in the backseat, or even in the trunk to keep you focused on the road and not on your incoming text messages.

Stay in Crosswalks
For kiddos who walk or bike to school, be sure they have reviewed crosswalk safety tips. Fortunately, most schools situated on busy streets offer crosswalks and even crossing guards to assure safety. It is still wise to practice safety with your children in these tricky crosswalk areas and to even accompany them as they learn to navigate it on their own.

Wear a Helmet
If your child bikes to school, make a helmet mandatory. Serious brain trauma can happen with every bicycle accident, even on ones during the short trek to school. Talk with your kids about putting the helmet away once they get to the bike rack, either securing it to the bike with their lock or carrying it inside to stow in a locker.

Make this school year a safe one for your entire family by making sure you are slowing down, staying present, and enforcing safety rules with your kids. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!