Daniel O’Brien

Daniel E. O’Brien offers clients more than just years of experience. He offers them a confidence, respect, and commitment to service that will put anyone at ease. 

Refusing to back down unless he gets the best outcome for his client, Daniel comes to the client with more than 25 years in the courtroom setting.

“I respect my clients from the very beginning,” says Daniel. “I know that they are going through an experience that is both emotionally and physically taxing. It’s my honor to be able to walk alongside of them during their injury and litigation.”

However, Daniel didn’t always have the plaintiff in mind. At the beginning of his career, he worked on the insurance company’s side of personal injury law. For 15 years, his time in defense litigation gave him a solid sense of the plan of action for most insurance companies. This unique experience allows Daniel to serve his clients better, by anticipating the moves of the defendant.

After his time on the defense side, Daniel realized that he was not enjoying his time working in a culture that was based on mistrust. A move to the plaintiff side of personal injury litigation was a welcomed one. He made a successful transition, becoming a valued part of a Chicago based personal injury law firm for more than 10 years. He thrived while building relationships with clients and discovering that his time in court could positively affect more than just his clients.

“It was amazing to watch how our time in court was not only giving positive outcomes to my clients, but also to the greater community,” states Daniel. “We were able to show companies that systems were broken or that there were more safety measures that could be implemented to keep people from becoming injured in the first place. That was a great moment for me in my career, and it keeps me going today.”

Daniel O’Brien took his commitment to building relationships with clients and the greater community to a new level when he moved his practice to Geneva in 2014. “I had, and still have, a desire to have a more local impact,” he says. “What better place to make positive changes and connections than within my own backyard?”

Daniel has made a commitment to the Kane and DuPage county area and hasn’t looked back. He is currently an active member of the community, volunteering his time  with the Geneva Community Chest, Geneva Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

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