After the early season blizzard last month when everyone was traveling back home after Thanksgiving, we thought it would be wise to review some holiday travel tips. Poor road conditions and increased traffic can increase accidents during the month of December. Here are a few ways to assure you arrive at your destination without incident this holiday season.

Slow Down
We know that most holiday travelers are excited to get to their destination, but this extra rushing can cause major vehicle accidents. This year, leave yourself an extra hour or so to assure you are not hurrying or making risky decisions to arrive at a certain time. Instead, slow down and enjoy a more leisurely ride.

Don’t Obstruct Your View
Packing gifts and overnight bags to head to Grandma’s house for the holidays can mean your car is stuffed. While you are squeezing in your necessities, be sure you are not obstructing any windows or mirrors. A suitcase blocking your back window can cause you to not see a speeding truck approaching from behind, and a pillow obstructing a side window can increase your blind spot. Don’t risk a dangerous situation by making a packing mistake.

Take Another Route
Check your traffic app or weather app before you hit the road and be prepared to alter your route if needed. Interstates tend to become clogged quickly during the holiday season, and taking a highway instead may save you time and hassle.

Update Your Winter Emergency Kit
Before you head out on your trip, double check your winter emergency kit in the trunk. Make sure you have batteries, blankets, and accessories that can keep you safe if an emergency situation hits on the road.

We sincerely hope you have an accident-free holiday travel season! However, if you do find yourself in the aftermath of a vehicle accident, call us at O’Brien Law. We are experienced and ready to help you navigate insurance compensation and are ready to advocate on your behalf for the best outcome possible. Give us a call today to get started.