It’s the season of barbeques with friends and inviting the neighbors over to make s’mores over the firepit. The summer gives us all plenty of reasons to enjoy company in our backyard, but with that invitation comes responsibility. Is your home safe for outdoor entertaining? Take our quick quiz to find out.

Are your entryways, patio, and other outdoor areas well lit?

Your guests are more likely to fall or injure themselves if they cannot see where they are going. Be sure you have adequate lighting to illuminate the areas your guests will be using the most, including your patio and any entrances to your home. You don’t necessarily need to invest in brand new exterior lighting; well-placed twinkle lights and solar lights can do wonders for safety and for enhancing the outdoor ambiance.

Is your firepit area safe?
If you have a fire pit, be sure the area around it is free from anything that could cause a trip or fall, especially if children will be at your gathering. Your firepit should sit on a flat surface, and you should encourage smaller children to only get as close as a designated line around the surface.

Is your grill far enough away from your home?

Did you know keeping your grill too close to your home while using it can cause your siding to melt or even cause a fire? It’s true, unfortunately, and many homeowners don’t realize it until it is too late. When your grill is in use, and while it cools off after a cooking session, keep it at least 10 feet from your home and 2 feet away from anything else. Learn more grill safety tips on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s site.

Do you have a plan for guests who have drunk a bit too much?

As a responsible host, you should have a plan for guests who may have over-celebrated during your event. Encourage driving safely through taxi services or ride-share apps.

Enjoy the season in your home, and with your guests, while staying safe! If you find yourself injured while visiting a friend, restaurant, or another establishment, talk about it with the team at O’Brien Law to assure you have an experienced team in your corner.