When you are injured, medical treatments, appointments, and procedures are on the horizon. Also in your future are medical bills – lots of medical bills. In most cases, our clients come to O’Brien Law with a stack of medical bills and frustration over who is supposed to be paying the amount.

It’s true – After an injury, many victims of negligence need to get significant medical treatment for injuries and then they are faced with significant medical bills and collection letters from medical providers.  Their initial thoughts are that the negligent party or their insurer should pay for all of these medical bills right away, but in reality, that never happens, at least not right away.  The negligent party’s insurer will only make one settlement or verdict payment at the end to cover everything.  They will not pay your medical bills as you go.

What Should You Do?

So, how are the bills paid?  In auto cases, you should first look to your medical payment coverage under your own auto policy to pay the bills.  Note: this will not cause your premiums to increase.  Then, and in other cases, you should look to your own health insurance plan to pay any additional bills.  They will then likely have valid liens against any recovery you make in your case.  As you work with our experienced team at O’Brien Law, you continue to pay your medical bills and keep the records of payment. Once we advocate for you in court, the negligent party will pay for the medical costs in a lump sum at the end of the litigation process.

What If I Cannot Pay?

If you are injured and do not have health insurance, or if your injuries and costs far exceed what you can pay, medical providers may begin sending collection requests. This can be extremely stressful to you. If this is your situation, the team at O’Brien Law can write a Letter of Protection on your behalf. This letter of protection typically advises providers that your attorneys have agreed to protect a medical provider’s outstanding balance for treatment provided to you and that, upon final resolution of your personal injury case, that bill will be satisfied.  In return, the medical provider typically agrees to cease all collection efforts until the case is finalized.

Ultimately, Letters of Protection allow injured individuals to receive necessary care they otherwise would be unable to undergo. Insurance companies fight them because they fight everything; it’s how they increase their profits. Often, their entire attack is simply based on the idea that doctors make too much money. But it is important to remember, they can provide a very important benefit for those in need.

How Can I Get Started?

If you have been injured and the bills are piling up, or if you are overwhelmed with trying to navigate this on your own, give our office a call to set up your free consultation. We have decades of experience working with our clients to reach positive outcomes.        Give us a call to get started today!