Spring officially rolls into town on March 20, though after our very warm February, it is easy to already be looking forward to all things spring. Here in the Chicagoland suburbs, that can mean the beginning of baseball season, colorful tulips starting to push up from the ground, and occasionally a major snowstorm that will melt off in a week.

Spring can also mean that you are getting out and about a bit more than you have the past few months. Winters in Chicagoland can keep us all tucked into our cozy homes, choosing to stay inside than to explore the outdoors or run those extra errands. As you head out into the springtime weather, be sure that you are keeping safe by taking steps to decrease your risk of falling.

Slips, trips, and falls can lead to injuries big and small, and can affect people of all ages. Here are a few tips to keep you walking safely this season.

Watch for ice

It’s true – no matter how warm our spring days can be, there is always a chance that a spring ice storm or snowstorm is right around the corner. Cold pavement that meets with a spring drizzle of rain can lead to slick conditions. If a sidewalk is wet, slow down and take care as you walk.

Beware clutter

As you enter businesses or homes, look where you are walking. There could easily be clutter that blocks your next step or entrance. Watch for tipped over shovels or large containers of ice melt that could get in your way.

Slow down

When in doubt, slow down. Walk or run at an easy pace, giving yourself plenty of time so that you don’t feel rushed. Quick paces can often lead to falls.

Wear heels with care

If you choose to wear high heels, consider switching into flats for long walks. One misplaced heel can become caught in sidewalk cracks or sewer grates, sending you for a fall or slip. If you have a walk during your commute, consider wearing tennis shoes on the way to the train or office, switching into your heels when you arrive at your destination.

Mind signs

Keep your eyes peeled for signs that might indicate potential fall risks. Watch for signs or notices giving a heads up for wet floors, slippery surfaces, or uneven pavement. Then, adapt your stride and pace accordingly.

Use railings
Finally, to prevent falls, use railings when available. These railings are put in place for your safety and to give you stability. Whether heading up the stairs, a ramp, or an uneven surface, use a railing when possible.

Avoid Potholes

Along with the spring thaw, many potholes and uneven walkways can develop and create trip and fall hazards.  Keep a safe watch for loose asphalt or concrete.  Many unsafe conditions are not obvious.

If you have found yourself injured due to a slip, trip, or fall, give us a call to discuss your options.