October is a month of transition, getting us ready for a new season and for the upcoming string of holidays. This month is also an important one for raising awareness for road safety. While you are out and about this month, and throughout the rest of this year, we hope that you stay safe and pay extra attention to these situations.

Drive Safe to Work, and While at Work

October 2-6 is Drive Safely Work Week, sponsored by The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). While this week is an attempt to remind everyone to drive safely, it is also an important time to take a good look at your commute to, and from, work. Are you distracted when driving to the office in the morning? Perhaps you are guilty of taking a few work calls while on the road on your way home from the office, or (worse yet), checking your emails while driving.

This month, focus on being conscious of your behaviors during your time on the road in regards to work. Resist the urge to check your phone while running out to lunch or rushing through a yellow light in order to make your next meeting. You are on the road for business purposes more than for other reasons – be safe!

Teach Your Teens to Drive Safely

October 15-21 is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and the perfect time to remember that you are your teenager’s biggest driving role model and teacher. Teenagers are especially susceptible to poor driving habits, like texting while behind the wheel. Be sure that you are stressing the importance of remaining distraction-free while driving to your teen; more importantly, practice what you preach and put the phone down while you are driving too.

This month may be a good time to take a long drive with your teen. Not only can you make memories and have some good discussions in the car, you can also notice any driving issues that you could address together. Take time to talk about other driving dangers like seatbelt use, drowsy driving, or excessive speeding as well.

Know School Bus Safety

October 16-20 is the home to National School Bus Safety Week, and a great time to review safety with your children, whether they ride the bus to school or not. Remind your kids of any bus rules, and review your driving practices around school busses as well. If you aren’t sure of your school district’s bus rules for students, give the school a call and they would be happy to help you!

Regular driving safety checks are a responsible way to assure you are doing the best you can to avoid an accident. However, even the most careful drivers can be involved in a vehicle crash. If you have been in an accident, be sure to contact us at O’Brien Law. We have decades of experience working for the best outcomes for our clients, and would be honored to work with you during this time.