If your car stops working on the side of the road or in a parking lot, or if you are in an accident, do you feel prepared with emergency supplies at reach? Having a well-stocked emergency kit in your car can give you the peace of mind to travel confidently. While you can purchase pre-made kits from vendors, you can also put together your own with supplies you may already have on hand. Here is a list to get you started as you prepare your own emergency kit.

A Durable Container
Begin with a container to put your kit in. A plastic container with a secure lid can fit easily in your trunk, or a canvas backpack can pull double duty if you need to leave your car during the emergency aftermath.

Jumper Cables
A car that won’t start is a major inconvenience. If you have jumper cables in your emergency kit, you can spare the call to AAA or become a hero to a fellow driver in need.

First Aid Kit
Purchase a small kit from a pharmacy and tuck it into your car’s emergency kit. If you use a lot of the supplies, make it a habit to replenish it immediately so the supplies are there when you need them again.

Flashlight and Reflectors
Choose a high-quality flashlight and include extra batteries when you pack it away. You can also purchase triangle reflectors to use at night. These reflectors can be set up behind your car, giving oncoming traffic the heads up of your location at night.

A Blanket
Becoming stranded on the side of the road during a harsh Chicago winter night can be especially terrifying. Pack a blanket that is warm and make sure it stays in the emergency kit (no using it for a picnic or other purpose) so it is there when you need it.

Emergency Contact Information
If your cell phone dies during the emergency, you may not be able to remember crucial contact information. Laminate a piece of paper that includes names and phone numbers of family members or friends, as well as pertinent medical information like allergies.

Car accidents can have serious consequences. If you have been involved in a vehicle crash that has left you with injuries, medical bills or time away from work, you could be entitled to compensation. Give the team at O’Brien Law call to set up a free consultation. We can use our time together to learn more about your situation and can compile a list of options to help you.