If you have been injured, you know that the road to recovery can be long and tedious. No matter if you were hurt in a workplace accident, a vehicle or motorcycle crash, or during a medical procedure, it takes time to heal. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time (and money) to give your body the rest it needs to fully recuperate.

Did you know that working with a lawyer in the aftermath of your accident could help your recovery process? It’s true, and we have had the opportunity to see it firsthand here at O’Brien Law. If you have been inured in an accident, here are just a few ways how working with a lawyer can get you on the road to recovery – and peace of mind – quicker.

Advocacy is important
When you work with a lawyer, that attorney becomes your advocate. This new team member will know the ins and outs of our case and work to advance your interests.  If you are injured, you may need legal expertise and protection from insurance adjusters who are not being paid to maximize your claim.  It is the exact opposite.

Medical payments are no joke
Medical bills are coming to your home, even if the accident was not your fault. It can become stressful quickly and your bank account is already low since you are not working. Your lawyer can give you other options for these payments to see if there is a way to defer payment until your case is seen in court.  There are ways to obtain treatment with a lien on your claim, even when your insurance will not pay for that treatment.

Insurance hoops are difficult to jump through
One of the most frustrating part of injury cases for the patient is the incessant insurance work. Trying to get in touch with an insurance representative can be nearly impossible and follow up is exhausting. When you work with an experience attorney, you can rest assured that attorney will help navigate the tricky insurance waters.

Working with O’Brien Law means you can breathe a sigh of relief that someone is here to help. Especially in Kane County, we use our years of experience to give you the best outcomes and the best guidance during the process. We want you to have the energy to heal your body and recover; let us work with you to make that happen. Give our office a call today for your free consultation.