Last month brought Chicagoland a few cold snaps that reminded us all that winter is well on its way! As you transition from your summer and fall habits into your winter routines, now is a great time to review some winter safety topics that you may have forgotten since last year. In order to keep you and your family healthy, take time to review a few of our winter safety reminders.

Watch your step
Cold temperatures and precipitation means ice can sneak up on surfaces quickly. When walking this winter, be sure you are stepping carefully in order to avoid a fall. Hold on to railings when possible and wear footwear that supports a confident step.

Shovel mindfully
While you likely cannot avoid shoveling this year, you can be sure that you are performing this chore safely. Remember to take breaks often, especially if you are feeling winded or fatigued. Push snow rather than lifting it, and opt to shovel while the snow is still fresh and light. Utilize your legs and not your back in order to avoid injury. Finally, consider a snow blower if you tire quickly with a shovel.

Drive carefully
Winter driving in Chicagoland can be treacherous. If there is snow or ice in the area, be sure you are leaving for your destination early, taking time to drive slowly and carefully. Leave plenty of room between your car and the other cars on the road. If the roads are too bad to safely pass, stay at home and try your trip at another time.

Holiday Safety                                                                                                                                              

Travelling by automobile during the holidays has the highest fatality rate of any major form of transportation.  Alcohol-impaired fatalities represent 31% of the total.  Be sure to use designated drivers, buckle up and put those cell phones away.  Enjoy the holiday season safely!

Avoid frostbite
Cold weather can make exposed skin a prime target for frostbite. Be sure you, and your family members, are well covered with gloves and scarves before heading outside during especially cold days. Warm up extremities slowly when you return inside, and seek medical attention if skin is red or blistered.

This winter, if you do find yourself injured due to an accident, give our office a call. We are well versed in assuring our clients receive a positive outcome from insurance companies, and are ready to take on your case as well. Give us a call to talk more about your situation.