Your eyes, and your vision, are likely something you take for granted on a regular basis. Think about it – when is the last time you recognized how lucky you are to have healthy eyes, good vision, or access to devices that can improve your vision? Our eyes are important, and it is wise to take measures to protect your eyes at home, at work, and elsewhere.

Protect your eyes at home

When you are at home, there are opportunities to assure you are caring for your eye health. Be sure to visit your optometrist’s office at least yearly for a check up. Not only will your doctor check your vision and adjust prescriptive lenses as necessary, your optometrist is also looking for signs of possible eye injury or harm. Take care of your eyes after your appointment by wearing any glasses or contact lenses when prescribed, and by decreasing eye strain throughout the day by taking time away from your computer or phone.

Protect your eyes at work

Your eyes may be at danger when you are at work, for a variety of reasons. While OSHA reports that most work related eye injuries are due to chemical exposure or small particles striking the eye, you are also at risk for eye strain due to over use of your computer while at your desk. No matter if you work in a factory or warehouse setting, or in a cubicle, you should take precautions to protect your precious eyes.

Be sure to wear protective eye gear when appropriate, no matter what. Protective eye gear can significantly decrease your chance of having a foreign object or liquid enter your eye. In addition to protective eye wear, use any type of safety screen or barrier on large pieces of equipment; this additional barrier blocks all sizes of flying projectiles that could cause injury. Finally, be sure that you are wearing any glasses or contacts while at work to assure that you can see well while completing your work tasks.

Even with eye safety best practices, accidents can still happen. If you are at work when your eye becomes injured, immediate medical attention is crucial to a more complete recovery. After you have taken care of your urgent medical needs, call a lawyer who has the experience dealing with insurance and work-related injuries like yours. The team at O’Brien Law has the experience to advocate for a positive outcome for you, while you continue to recover.

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