In our area, staying active gets a bit tougher – and requires some extra planning – during the winter months. However, winter does bring the opportunity to get exercise in new and fun ways, both indoors and out, thanks to winter sports and activities. If you are a skier or snowboarder, or an indoor soccer player, you have to play it safe in order to keep yourself injury-free this season. Here are just a few tips to keep you and yours safe this winter sports season.

Know the Signs of a Concussion
Any head injury has the potential to be dangerous, even a small concussion. If you or your loved ones play indoor or outdoor sports during the winter months, make sure you know the signs of concussion as well as what to do if there is head trauma.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Controlnotes that concussions can present differently in each person. However, there are some universal signs that could point to a potential concussion. Watch for headache, fuzzy or blurred vision, extreme fatigue, or difficulty concentrating.

Wear a Helmet
While wearing a helmet isn’t recommended while playing indoor basketball or soccer, you should protect your head with a helmet when hitting the slopes. Encourage your kids to wear a helmet as well while skiing or snowboarding, even if they are just trying out the bunny hill. Protecting your head can minimize injury and prevent a major catastrophe.

Watch the Weather
The local forecast and weather apps should be your best friends during winter sporting season. It is unsafe to drive to locations, or to participate in outdoor activities, during major winter weather events. Be aware that winter weather can happen quickly, causing dangerous driving or activity conditions to appear when you may not expect it. Be sure someone always knows where you will be, as well as any trail plans you have, before you start your day.

Even the best plans can sometimes result in unexpected injury. If you find yourself injured, be sure you have an experienced advocate on your team to guide you through the insurance claim process. At O’Brien Law, we focus on the health of our clients, aiming to decrease stress while fighting to get the best outcome possible. Give us a call today to talk more about your situation during a free consultation.

Stay safe out there!